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  • Board Game - Two players -...

    Canopy is a two-player game where you compete to grow the most lush rainforest. Within the jungle and its ecosystem, there are many symbioses. Grow tall trees, host abundant tropical plants and attract as diverse a wildlife as possible. Carefully select what grows in your forest to create a perfect balance between flora and fauna, and thus make your ecosystem thrive.

    Canopy is played in three seasons (sleeves). In each season, chain the turns with your opponent to choose the cards that will integrate your forest, among three piles

    New growth. Each time you look at a pile, you can keep it, and add all the cards that make it to your forest, or rest the pile face down and put a card of the current season pickaxe.

    At the end of each season, score points for the plants in your

    trees. A forest that presents a harmonious balance between

    trees, flora and fauna offers more points. When the 3rd season ends, the player

    The most points total wins the game.

    Players: 2

    Age: 8+

    Duration: 30min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Gloutons Mignons

    Players start by placing their device (mobile or tablet) in the centre of the table. Then players choose a level in the app that will tell them how many cards to deal to each player. The monsters will then appear on the screen, hungry for their next meal! In any order, players can choose to feed a monster with an item card by holding the card in front of the camera to scan the QR code on the back of the card. To feed a monster, you must offer it with a combination of cards that will match the colour of the monster's fur. If you feed a monster with colours that do not match, all players lose the game! Any item, such as toilet cleaner, underwear or grandpa's dentures (yuck!) can feed the hungry creatures! The app will tell you if you've given the monster a good mix which will then make it happy. This game requires an app to play, but once downloaded, no internet connection is required. You need Android 4.4 or later, or iOS 9.0 or later. Players: 2-4 Age: 6+ Duration: 20 minutes

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Dune Imperium

    Dune: Imperium is a game that draws its inspiration from the universe and characters of Dune, both in the literary work of Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson from which it draws its origins, but also in the next film of Legendary Pictures, directed by Denis Villeneuve. As leader of one of Landsraad's great houses, erect your banner and gather your forces and spies. War is near, and at the centre of the conflict is Arrakis - Dune, the planet of sands.

    Dune: Imperium uses the deck-building to add a clever mechanism of hidden information to the traditional placement of workers. You start with a leader card, and an identical deck for all players. As you acquire new cards and shape your deck, your choices will define your strengths and weaknesses. These cards allow you to send your Agents to different places on the board, so your strategy is affected by the evolution of your deck itself. You can become a military power, capable of deploying more troops than your opponents, or you can acquire cards opening the doors of the four political factions represented in the game: the Emperor, the Space Guild, the Order of the Bene Gesserit and of course the Fremens. Defeat your opponents in battle, skillfully manipulate political factions, and get the precious “spice must flow” cards to lead your House to victory!

    Players: 1-4

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 60-120

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Figures -...

    The Sable Sea extension adds 3 new scenarios that form an intense campaign.

    Each story reveals a little more than one major plot, but each can be played and appreciated individually.

    Players will discover new gameplay elements, such as dungeons filled with dangers, hidden encounters and imaginary treasures, or new labyrinthine places where they can witness the testimony of those who have lost their way, or still wander inside! Players will also be able to travel through smaller maps as much as the vastness of the Saharan desert.

    Players: 1-3

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 120-150

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Honey Buzz

    Honey Buzz is a bee placement game in which players will expand their personal hive by pulling "honey tiles" that reward activated actions while at the

    along the game. Each tile represents a different action.

    Thus, when a tile is placed to complete a specific scheme, a set of actions is activated in the order chosen by the player. A tile drawn in the first round

    can be activated up to 3 times during the game. It ultimately depends on how the player places his beeples (Bee/bee + meeple) and builds their hive. After all, in the honey business, efficiency is paramount.

    As you constantly grow your hive, you will drill for nectar and pollen, produce honey, sell different varieties at the bear market, offer honey tastes, and take care of the Queen and her court. There's so little nectar to get, and finding it won't be easy. Players will have to search the nectar fields and pay attention to opponents' searches to try to deduce the location

    the nectar they so desperately need.

    Players: 1-4

    Age: 10+

    Duration: 45-90

    Language : French