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Genki has been present at trade fairs for as long as the company has existed, and has even participated in the creation of some of the most important ones.

Our representations are numerous:

- Advising, finding and contacting important guests for trade shows, thanks to our knowledge of the trade and languages (our staff speak English, German, Japanese and several other useful languages).

- Find the store(s) who will commit to taking a stand at the show.

   * Organize the stand from A to Z.

   * Merchandise labelling.

   * Exceptional return authorization.

   * Delivery to stand via dedicated carrier.

- Represent one of Genki's brands, by taking over a stand in direct partnership with the brand.

- Organize events at trade shows:

   * "Discovery workshops" to familiarize the public with new products.

   * Card game tournaments, for some TCGs.

   * Exhibitions showcasing customers' collections. 

   * Etc.

Our employees are well acquainted with the Swiss business environment, and many of them come from fields related to the "Geek Culture" sector, such as journalism and publishing.