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All those partners and brands who trusted us:

Since 2007, our goal always was to set up durable business relationships with the best-known brands in order to make your life easier by offering you availability and the best services at the lowest prices.  


Banpresto was historically a toy and figurine manufacturing company as well as a video game publishing and development company. After being absorbed by Bandai Namco they now represent the figurine branch of the group


Gunpla is Bandai Namco's model brand dedicated to the Gundam license. Existing since 1979, this brand has developed, over the years, know-how that approaches excellence. Today, Gunpla products have acquired notoriety and undeniable success far beyond the borders of Japan. 

Figure rise.png

Figure-rise (Standard) is a product line dedicated to anime and Tokusatsu characters. It includes models based on the following licenses: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Naruto Shippuden, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, and Sword Art Online. This line also includes a range of power effects like battle aura and energy wave for customization and dioramas.

Hasbro Logo 01.png

Hasbro is an American company specializing in toys and games. We are proud to offer you the best of the geek and collector products from its catalogs such as the Black Series and the replicas of mythical objects from movies like Star Wars of the infamous MCU.


Wizards of the Coast is a Hasbro-owned American game publisher rooted in heroic fantasy and science fiction worlds. Wizards of the Coast popularized the "collectible card game" (CCG) genre in the early 1990s with Magic: The Assembly. Today, the company continues to publish role-playing games, board games, trading card games, and heroic fantasy or science fiction books

D&D 01 Logo.jpg

Dungeons & Dragons is an iconic role-playing game license created in the 1970s. Now in its fifth edition, D&D has become a phenomenon that transcends generational barriers.

 MTG 01 Logo.jpg

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible playing card game invented by Richard Garfield in 1993. It is often cited as the reference game in the world of playing cards. Genki Corp. offers all the extensions in all the languages spoken in Switzerland of this game in perpetual evolution

Difuzed 01 Logo.png

Difuzed offers a wide range of textile and leather goods under strong official licenses, particularly in the Gaming sector (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Sony and many others).

Abysse 01 Logo.png

Abysse Corp is a long-time supplier of Genki Corp, holder of many licenses Abysse Corp is distinguished by the quality of its products.

SD 01 Logo.jpg

SD Distribuciones is one of the first partners of Genki Corp. It is also the founding house of the SD Toys brand, known for its beautiful Game of Thrones beer mugs or its Harry Potter or DC Comics coffee mug sets.

It is also thanks to them that we provide you with the limited Bandai products of the Tamashii Nation range.logo_tn.png

Brand of Bandai Namco which offers lines of collectibles such as SH Figuarts, Myth Cloth, Chogokin or Proplica.


You can't have a geek store without Funko POPs. We are the only distributor in Switzerland to work directly with the brand. These thousands of different figurines will allow your store to be constantly renewed and your customers to keep coming back to browse. Funko POP, it's guarantees a hundred novelty, every month!

Loungefly 02 Logo.jpg

We also work with the luxury leather goods brand Loungefly which offers a wide range of leather bags with a design straight out of the imaginary universe.

F4F 01 logo.png

First4Figures, it's those so nice collectible figurines in PVC or resin. Licenses like Zelda, Mario or Sonic are represented and will make your front store shine.

PureArts 02 Logo.png

Pure Arts is a Canadian brand of resins from the world of video games, cult movies, and popular culture in general. The quality of their production, their seriousness, and their passion quickly seduced us and our customers too.

MAD logo 01.jpg

The relationship between Genki Corp. and MAD goes back a long way from when they were in the publishing business. Today the MAD team specializes in the distribution of niche products and we work with them on their board game catalog.



Paladone 01 Logo.png

Paladone has been able to diversify with collectible products that cover a large part of the Gaming sector's licenses. Mugs, lamps, and very original keychains that speak directly to the fans.

Pyramid 01 Logo.png

It is in the stationery industry that Pyramid made its debut. Today, with diversified licenses, touching as well the Hollywood cinema as the cartoon or the video game field and with products going from the entry-level to the limited collection, Pyramid is a very serious partner brand, as well for the specialized store as the supermarket sector.

Semic 01 logo.jpg

With its experience in comics as the original publisher of most of the US comics in magazines such as Strange, Nova, Spidey, and others for more than 20 years, SEMIC, a Marvel licensee, naturally turned towards the creation of collectibles derived from comics and pop culture.

Kotobuiya 01 Logo.jpg

Kotobukiya is a respected producer of figures and models both for its longevity and for the quality of the finish of its products. The Kotobukiya touch is recognizable whether the subject comes from the world of animation, comics or science fiction. 


Launched in 1996 in Herxheim, Germany, Ultimate Guard is a brand of playing card protection that combines simplicity and perfection in terms of strength.

QW 01 Logo.png

Q workshop produces thousands of dice in Poland every day for the pleasure of players all over the world.

Tecknofun 01 Logo.png

Teknofun combines originality, strong licenses, and geeky accessories. From the Pikachu cell phone charger to the Ronflex bedside lamp, you will always find an original and useful item for your kids.

WB 01 Logo.png

Warner, these are the sensational Harry Potter wands, but also a large part of the goodies of the range. These selections are exclusive to Genki Corp. for Switzerland and are mainly aimed at the mass market.

WM 01 logo.png

Winning Moves is all the Swiss editions of Monopoly, as well as all the Monopoly under licenses (Dragon Ball, Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, Star Wars...). An undeniable plus for all stores.

Noble Collection Logo.jpg

The Noble Collection was founded in Dulles, Washington D.C. in 1991. They are a Licensed manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of film and TV properties, including Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Superman, Batman, Justice League, and Game of Thrones.

Grupo Erik 1 Logo.jpg

Launched in 1997 in Spain, the Erik group has become one of the main European actors in the licensed goods market. Working primarily on stationery, they offer a wide range of posters, notebooks, and calendars. Grupo Erik also distributes other types of products such as figurines or Hasbro products.