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  • Hat - Straw Hat - One Piece...

    Luffy 's Strawhat

    - Behaving like a pirate and re-vive the One Piece experience!

    - An accurate design based on the One Piece characters

    - Long lasting product with qualitative finishes

  • Hat - One Piece - Straw hat...

    Luffy's hat from the One Piece manga. Notice to Luffy fans, this hat is for you! The real Luffy straw hat to perfect your outfit and go on an adventure!

    - Adult size

    - A precise design that is very faithful to the character

    - Resistant finishes

    Luffy is recognizable thanks to his famous hat which was given to him by Shanks the Redhead, who himself received it from Gol D. Roger. This object is very precious to Luffy, he only entrusts it to those he fully trusts. This symbolizes his friendship with the pirate but also his promise: one day to become the lord of all pirates! Once his quest is completed, he will finally return it to her! This is how Monkey D Luffy goes on an adventure with the hat that Shanks gave him on his head! He is therefore looking for members for his crew, which will later become the famous Straw Hat crew!

    Dimensions: 36 x 13 x 36 cm