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  • Card game - My Hero...

    Find Deku and his allies in this revisited battle game! The essential card game for all My Hero Academia fans! Create the perfect team and use your Alters! Each player has a grid of 9 cards: turn them over judiciously, assemble heroes or villains from the same family to double your points and use your characters' Alters to get rid of certain cards or recover others! But watch out for the Brainless who will thwart your plans... A game of 72 cards. Players: 2-4 Age: 8+ Duration: 30 min Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Game in English

  • Board Game - Confrontation...

    Game in French. Two figures face each other: their eyes meet. They leap to make their blades sing to the rhythm of the war drums. A fight begins in the arena: victory will be by K.O.! Gyojin Fighter Sushido is a 2-player game, inspired by the best 1-on-1 fighting video games. Players take on the role of fighters who face each other in a duel. By setting up sequences, creating Katas and Combos thanks to the Action cards, each player aims to knock out his rival, while controlling his Life Points, to emerge victorious from the Arena! During the game, the rounds follow each other. Each round is made up of several rounds during which players combine their Action Cards to perform Combos and Katas specific to their fighter, and win a maximum number of rounds. Players will also have to control their Life Points, their Super gauge, but also the place of their fighter in the Arena: he must not leave it! The winner is the player who wins a number of rounds defined at the beginning of the game. Equipment : 1 game board: the Arena 6 Combo boards 6 Fighter cards 60 Action cards (8 Super cards, 20 Hit cards, 20 Block cards, 12 Move cards) 4 marker tokens for Hit Points and Super Gauges (2 sets per player) 5 Victory Chits 1 Player 1 token A game for 2 players, for games of about 30 minutes.

    Language : French

  • Quiz - My Hero Academia -...

    The essential quiz for all My Hero Academia fans!

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Party Game -...

    Welcome to the wonderful world of unicorns!

    Please your congeners, to become the best of them!

    You play unicorns musicians with multiple talents, whose only goal is... to make others happy! But beware: a gift can't be made just any way .... or any time!

    Give gifts wisely, respect the favorite goputs of your opponents (and friends!), advance on the path of happiness and become the nicest unicorn of all!

    Players: 2-5

    Age: 10+

    Duration: 30

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Management -...

    Game in French. Explore the lost world of Agartha! Explore the forgotten world of Agartha Explore and meet more people to discover the lost world of Agartha! Rolhnir spent his life exploring underground worlds. He left you a priceless legacy: the maps of Agartha. You are his descendants, ready to take up the torch and explore the world. To find his secret maps, you must follow in your ancestor's footsteps and travel through unknown lands in search of information. At the beginning of each round, players will use their bidding tokens to collect resources from the expedition tiles. They have to gamble to get different kinds of cards, which they have to place as well as possible on their personal board. The goal is to maximize these resources and multiply the combos! Explore as many locations as possible, meet characters, and collect sacred amulets to learn as much as possible about the underground worlds of Agartha. Players: 2-4 Age: 10+. Duration: 30-45 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Tales from...

    Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a legendary queen who told 1001 stories of mystery and adventure in as many nights...

    This is Baghdad: storytelling has become an essential part of cultural life. Every year, the Sultan organizes a storytelling competition! Whoever weaves the most spellbinding tale will be showered with fame and fortune. This year, take on the role of a citizen of Baghdad and enter the competition. But coming up with a good story isn't easy: set off in search of a little inspiration to impress the Sultan and the city crowds. Tales of 1001 Tiles is a narrative adventure game that takes you right to the heart of the teeming world of the Arabian Nights. Set off on an exploration around Baghdad to collect a wealth of souvenirs: - Enemies to slay, - Animals to ride, - Delicious food to savor, - Colorful spices to discover... They'll help you tell the most amazing stories on your return! Who among you will be named Arabia's greatest adventurer and storyteller?

  • Escape Game - Investigation...

    Panting cooperative investigative game where players must unmask the killer and prevent further murders from being committed! It is up to you to conduct the investigation, but time may run out. Explore your city, gather information, build your theory and uncover the killer!


    > 1 rule book

    > 70 cards

    > 6 character tokens

    > 1 soundtrack

    > 1 map of the city

    > 1 journal

    > 2 envelopes

    > 2 letters

    Players: 2-6

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 30-60 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Crime Bet

    Jack the Ripper has struck again. But the police are still keeping the details of his latest crime secret... Who will best guess the dark circumstances of the serial killer's latest crime and win the day? 1888, London. The torpor generated by the recent murders in Whitechapel has not reached the punters of the East End. As a new murder is announced by the police, who refuse to divulge the sordid details to the press, the patrons of the White Boar pub embark on a day of crazy betting. Their aim? To bet on Jack the Ripper's new forfeit. In this competitive game of deduction and betting, players take on the role of customers at The White Boar, who have organized some rather special bets. Throughout the day, they will be able to obtain crucial information on the circumstances of the murder, by bribing their informant, other players or the police. At betting time, they'll have to use their deductive skills and daring, while skilfully managing their stock of beer tokens, to make the most profitable bets!

    A game of betting and deduction in the world of Jack the Ripper!

  • Card game - Silex and the city

    We are in 40,000 BC… The whole planet seems to obey the laws of natural selection… All? No: a valley still resists evolution… Short of ideas? Keep up the good work! It is proven that evolution leads humanity to its downfall! Some enlightened minds of prehistory were already aware of it. Help the Dotcom family to have no idea! It's all about our future! Make the best use of your cards so as not to invent anything!

    Players: 2-4

    Age: 8+

    Duration: 25 min

    Language : French

  • Escape Game - Cooperative -...

    Can you escape the haunted school? Three different scenarios with difficulty levels of easy, medium and expert levels. In the middle of the night, you and your friends decide to go to this old school in ruins. It is said that the children who once disappeared in the fire are still there, in their old classrooms... waiting for you. Contains : - 40 cards - 1 poster - 1 soundtrack - 1 scenario booklet

    Language : French

  • Card game - Confrontation -...

    IN SPACE, NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM! You wake up in a cryogenic chamber at the same time as the other players. As soon as you regain your senses, a voice announces: "Welcome to our game. You are on board the ship Spartacus, sailing not far from the planet Pandora. Your objective is to be a player who stays alive. Each in turn, you'll have to open a door on the ship. Behind each door, you'll find either a bloodthirsty monster or equipment to help you survive. The last survivor will be set free. The other players are not your friends. Enjoy the game! Players: 3-6 Age: 12+ Duration: 25 min

    Language : French

  • Card game - Children -...

    Cooperate to complete missions that will make you famous ninjas! Build the best team of ninjas together to succeed in your missions! The village of Konoha is counting on you! 1. Pass a ninja card to your neighbour! 2. Evaluate your team's strength and communicate... without saying too much! 3. If you think you are strong enough, go on a mission! A thrilling team game that will delight all NARUTO fans! With : - 32 Ninja cards - 1 Konoha Village tile - 6 Mission tiles - 4 failed mission tiles - 1 Konoha token - 1 rule booklet For 3 to 6 players, from 8 years old. 20-minute games. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Investigation...

    In this collaborative game, take on the roles of John Blacksad, Clerk Smirnov, Weekly, the nosy reporter with a keen sense of smell, and Jake Ostiombe, boxer and Natalia's former bodyguard. Scour the city, trace clues, gather evidence and bring the truth to light! Players: 2-4 Age: 14+ Duration: -

    Game in French.

  • Escape Game - Cooperative -...

    Game in French. 3 different scenarios with easy, medium and expert difficulty levels. The zombie apocalypse has taken place, but hope is not yet dead! Indeed, a laboratory may have found the miracle vaccine. Your team of rescuers will have to infiltrate the undead-infested premises to find the cure. But, in reality, you've fallen into the trap of the Demented One, a psychopath who haunts the corridors of the lab! You have 60 minutes, not one more, to escape from the zombies! This escape box contains: 3 booklets: the rules of the game, the scenarios and the logbook; 131 cards to hide everywhere; 1 one-hour soundtrack with scary zombie noises to create the scary atmosphere; 1 teeeeeerrifying poster; 6 badges to define the roles of each person.

    Language : French