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  • Board Game - Kombination -...

    Game in French. Expand your orchard and harvest as much fruit as possible! Choose and arrange your cards cleverly to overlap the same types of trees to increase your harvest. Beware of the mischievous Squirrel, who can both help and harm you! Don't forget to bring your Wheelbarrow, to harvest more and more fruit! On the back of the cards are the Recipes: challenges and objectives for even more replayability! Players: 1 Ages: 14+ (or older) Duration: 10 minutes

    Language : French

  • Escape Game - Les Flammes...

    A detective entrusts you with his file in order to clarify the circumstances

    the death of a man who perished in the flames of his house.

    The case is now in your hands! Here no rules of the game! You have all the elements in hand, and

    if you want to help yourself from the internet nothing prevents you.

    Review journal articles, statements and medical and

    anything you think will help in this case. Dig into the past and

    intimate life of the different protagonists of this strange affair..

    The planet Tortuga definitely hides many surprises. Discover the Bay of the Shipwrecked, an undetectable area thanks to its powerful signal jammer, as well as the Sentinel sector, a veritable control center of the planet.

    The Bay of the Castaways allows you to place System Failure cards in the deck of your rivals, while the Sentinel Sector gives you access to mines that you will let drift to set traps. Every sector comes with new cards to renew your strategies even more!

    LES +

    • play up to 5.

    • More interaction between players!

    • the base box is designed to store this new equipment.


    - 2 Sector tiles

    - 43 cards

    - 14 tokens

    - 1 ship figurines

    - 10 player markers

    - 1 rule book

    Players: 1-5

    Age: 10+

    Duration: 90 min

    Language : French

  • Escape Game - Meurtre de...

    Everything had started well for the scientific mission Polar station Aquilo, but then why was Robert KOHLER, the station's director, murdered? Programmer Martin MOOR is the prime suspect in this case and its execution is only a matter of time.

    Alone among friends, it is up to you to untangle the true from the false among all the clues and the file at your disposal. The case is now in your hands! After The Flames of Adlerstein, here is the second cooperative investigation and deduction game of the Crime Scene range with real exhibits!

    Playable once. The game does not need to destroy any hardware. An internet connection is required to search for certain clues.


    – Total immersion with realistic game elements, a newspaper, a pack of chewing gum, a lie detector…

    - An investigation at the end of the world: a change of scenery

    - No rules of the game, take the file and start investigating

    Players: 1-6

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 60-90 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Brian Boru

    Ireland is invaded by future kings, power-hungry pretenders and self-proclaimed leaders. The provinces are failing and the people are paying the price. The land needs a leader.

    In Brian Boru, players will strive to unite Ireland under their domain, ensuring control by force, cunning and marriage. Join forces to repel Viking invaders, build monasteries to expand your influence and gather support in the country's towns and villages. You will have to navigate a network of changing alliances, outsmart your enemies to become the great king of all of Ireland.

    Take control of Ireland to become the great king

    • Multiple winning strategies

    • Cards have multiple functions that allow you to always take action even if you don't win the fold

    1. Choose your cards based on your strategy

    2. Play them to win the fold and city of its color, and take control of the regions.

    3. Or to take a stand in the struggle against the Vikings, obtain favors from the church or organize political weddings

    Players: 3-5

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 60-90 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Le Roi c'est...

    Will you be able to choose your subjects better than the other pretenders to the kingdom to guarantee you victory and rise to the throne that is rightfully yours?

    Only a competent king can maintain the morale of his troops despite the chaos in and around the valley. You can earn additional bonuses by building a Diverse Subject Kingdom or controlling the majority in the different Knights Orders. You can also earn bonuses by forming couples and performing weddings. Finally, your gold reserves will also help you rule over your kingdom, thus increasing your Fame. All these achievements will determine who the true King of the Valley is.

    1. Buy Subjects on the Hill wisely before they arrive in the valley.

    2. Optimize your travels to retrieve Subjects that enhance your collections

    3. Collect prestige points and combination bonuses and become the King!

    Players: 2-4

    Age: 10+

    Duration: 30-45 min

    Language : French

  • Deck-Building - Imperium -...

    Lead your civilization to glory in this unique asymmetrical deckbuilding game.


    The destiny of one of the greatest peoples in history is in your hands. Threatened from all sides, you must conquer new territories, encourage great scientific and cultural progress, and guide your people to become a dominant empire as the world has never known.


    Your civilization has its own deck. Thanks to

    optimizing your game and resources, unlock your most advanced cards and get your hands on the central cards to develop your own path to victory. Too rapid a progression will cause civil unrest that will bring your civilization to its knees, if you develop too slowly, your name will hardly be mentioned in the history books.

    Players: 1-4

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 40 min

    French board game.

  • Escape Game - Cooperative -...

    Mortum : Enquêtes Médiévales is a game of deductions and adventures, which takes place in a dark world like medieval Europe, with its legends, superstitions and fears that come to life. The first investigation puts you on the trail of a group of missing investigators. So you have an appointment with a mysterious informant, things are not going to go as planned ... Each action takes time, it will be necessary to go to the essential while discovering a maximum of clues. Three packs of cards allow you to perform special actions: Raid, search or surveillance. So you're going to conduct these investigations in your own way. Be careful!

    Three-act scenario where your actions alter accessible spaces and character response

    You can follow all the tracks but each action costs time, it's up to you to make the right choices.

    Players: 1-6

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 60-180 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Deck-building...

    Clank! is back in Legacy version, that is a full version (not an extension). It is advisable to first play in campaign mode of at least 10 games, to shape your unique game material, depending on the choices you will make during all your adventures.

    After the campaign, the game is fully replayable.

    So, your copy of Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions

    Incorporated. will experience irreversible changes.

    On the unexplored lands of the double-sided plateau, you will affix stickers of all kinds that will draw a new landscape with abundant treasures! (Attention nevertheless to monsters, competitors, cul-de-sacs and other inconveniences....).

    The cards will also change depending on your successes... or failures. You will write about some elements of games, and you will destroy others forever…

    Without disclosing anything, there is a lot of new material (including 5 figurines) compared to the Clank! that you already know, bringing its share of exciting new rules.

    A 44-page storybook (295x255mm format), like a Book Of Which You Are the Hero of 189 chapters, will guide your steps and choices for at least a dozen games.

    The adventure is semi-cooperative. Decide together which missions to complete during the adventures, but at the end of the campaign, only your victory counts!

    Players: 2-4

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 120 min

    Language : French

  • Card game - Management -...

    Impress all of high society by bidding to show that you are the cream of the crop, but watch out if you end up the poorest! You're a member of high society and you want to impress your peers with your refinement and sense of excess. You'll have to spend a lot of money to achieve this, but your biggest sin would be to become poor! Each round a card is auctioned off, so you have to spend more money than the others to win it. Some cards have a negative effect and the bids will be reversed so you will have to spend money to avoid getting the cursed cards... As the end of the game is unpredictable, the tension is constant and leads to all kinds of madness... At the end of the game, the poorest player is excluded from the countdown!

    Language : French

  • Board Game - Pierre,...

    Game in French. In Pierre Papier Magicien, the players are wizards who have just killed a powerful dragon. But as their eyes turn to the treasure, a violent lust takes hold of them! As their fingers slowly form arcane gestures, the dragon's lair suddenly explodes again with screams and fury! In this strategic game of sneaky deduction, players will create signs with their hand in order to cast the mythical spells from the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS© role-playing game universe. Each wizard will have to use cunning and guile to determine which spell to cast on which opponent, while everyone will try to be the one to collect the most gold! The strengths of the game : - The D&D universe is present, and players who know it will enjoy casting the mythical spells. - The choice of the target can trigger chain reactions, the more players there are, the more chaotic and fun it can be. - Numerous spells available to ensure that the game is always different. Players: 3-6 Ages: 14+, and Duration: 20-30 min

    Language : French

  • Card game - Party Game -...

    Game in French language! When the monsters show up at Dracula's masquerade ball, it's going to be one hell of a mess! Dracula throws a big party, but the monsters are also there. Behind their wolf, they do whatever they please, guess who they are. Each player is given a secret role. On your turn, you can : - ASK another player about their role (who must answer you secretly with a YES or NO card). - invite another player to DANCE. If they accept, everyone looks at the identity of the other dancer. As soon as you think you know the identity of all the players, you can ACCUSE. If you are right, you win!

    Language : French

  • Deck-Building - Imperium -...

    Arthurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Maurya, Minoéns, Olmèques, Qin, Utopians! This time the myths and legends merge with history. Will you be up to it?

    Your civilization has its own deck. With the optimization of your game and resources, unlock your most advanced cards and get your hands on the central cards to develop your own path to victory. Too rapid a progression will cause civil unrest that will bring your civilization to its knees; if you develop too slowly, your name will hardly be mentioned in the history books.

    Players: 1-4

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 30-60 min

  • Board Game - Le Roi est mort

    After the king's death, maneuver to extend

    the domination of the clan that will make you rise to the throne, even if you have to let the French invader do it!


    With the death of the King of England, the Scotts, Welsh and English were torn apart as the French waited for their time to invade the kingdom. Pull the strings to win Britain's throne!


    Throughout the game you will have only 8 cards to move the partisans of the three clans to the disputed territories, and ensure the support of the winning clan. If the French take advantage of the confusion, it is the one who has gathered the most supporters of each faction who can restore the unity of the kingdom. A game of unique simplicity where each decision can change the course of history.

    Players: 2-4

    Age: 14+

    Duration: 45 min

    Language : French

  • Board Game - 300 : Voyage...

    Professor Otto Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel have discovered the secret of reaching the centre of the Earth in an ancient manuscript in Iceland. Embark on Jules Verne's most fabulous adventure! Journey to the Center of the Earth is a flip & write game where players make simultaneous choices to find their way and come back whole. Lead the way, collect extinct species, fill your water bottle with water and above all avoid the dangers... Description of the game in 3 points: 1. Use the combination of an Exploration card and an Orientation card to draw your way to the centre of the Earth. 2. Go through Discoveries to bring back evidence of your journey and water sources to avoid dying of thirst 3. And most importantly find your way to the surface through one of the volcanoes before it erupts! Highlights : - A Flip & Write with interaction and atmosphere between players - A real expedition into the world of Jules Verne - Your starting choices make each game different each game different and effects influence the course of the game - an accessible and dynamic game that can be learned in 2 minutes

    Language : French